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Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (P.L.E.A.) as our mentor, Glendale Law Enforcement Association (GLEA) became members of the Arizona Professional Police Officer’s Association (A.P.A.), through which a professional partnership with several Valley Associations was formed, allowing for a limitless pool of resources. This partnership includes, but is not limited to, Associations from Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Tempe, and Mesa. G.L.E.A. was established to serve the sworn and civilian employees of the Glendale Police Department, and is confident that while working together with the Administration, the City Management and City Council, we will create an even more enjoyable work environment. We are also determined to improve the relationship between the residents of this City and the Glendale Police Department through continued training and education in the fields designed to enhance work performance and professionalism.




One of the most important elements of Glendale Law Enforcement Association’s membership is the one we hope officers will never need to use: Legal Coverage.  The GLEA’s Legal Plan provides 100% coverage for Administrative, Criminal and Civil issues. There are no extra costs or charges for this benefit.  Through the GLEA Legal Plan, member officers are guaranteed to have an attorney available when one is needed, 24 hours a day. Members are also guaranteed INDIVIDUAL representation. The GLEA Legal Plan thoroughly covers its members with a two-tiered representation program.

Napier, Abdo, Coury & Baillie, P.C.

The First tier of legal protection comes from the law firm of Napier, Abdo, Coury & Baillie, P.C.  Mr. Napier has over 35 years experience in working directly with law enforcement associations. The law firm of Napier, Abdo, Coury & Baillie, P.C. works with members of the Arizona Police Association.

The Second tier of legal protection in the GLEA Legal Plan is access to the Legal Defense Fund (LDF).  Established in 1974, the LDF plan provides legal representation in any civil or criminal action brought against an officer arising from any act or omission occurring within the scope of their employment.  In 1997, the Arizona Police Association secured the services of the LDF to protect their members through the services of a panel of criminal and civil defense specialists. The Legal Defense Fund has access to cash reserves in excess of $6 million dollars specifically for legal protection of individual officers with no caps on benefits. Whatever a covered incident costs, it will be paid by the fund. In addition, the LDF has a time proven record of excellence in providing legal defense and it is, and always has been, managed by peace officers for peace officers.

There are several advantages to having a tiered approach to your legal coverage:

  • Advantage of having more than one attorney or law firm at your service

  • Guaranteed not to have a conflict of interest in cases involving more than one officer

  • Guaranteed to have an attorney available when you need one

  • Guaranteed INDIVIDUAL representation

  • Guaranteed 100% coverage for any case relating to the scope of employment

  • Discount attorney representation for criminal or civil matters not related to the scope of employment


Specific legal benefits as a member of the Glendale Law Enforcement Association:

  • 100% coverage for Disciplinary Hearing for members on or off-duty

Unlimited coverage for disciplinary matters

  • 100% coverage for Criminal Defense Cases (job related matters)

Unlimited coverage for members

  • 100% coverage for Civil Defense Cases (job related matters)

Unlimited coverage for member, spouse and dependent children

  • Free Office Visits as needed and Unlimited phone consultations on any matter

Unlimited coverage for member, spouse and dependent children

  • 100% coverage for Motor Vehicle Representation

Unlimited defense on moving violations for member (except DUI and drug matters)

  • Personal response to critical incidents by APA attorney and CLEA representative

  • Free Will for member and any member of the family

  • Personal Injury Recovery

25% contingency fee for member AND any family member

  • Property Damage Recovery

Five (5) free hours of representation

  • Estate Representation

Free probate of estate of any member killed in the line of duty and accidental off-duty death

  • Other Legal Services are discounted to $80/hour or 25% contingency fee

For matter the firm would normally accept

  • Class Action and Employment Litigation

At the Direction of the GLEA Board (all police officers) the Glendale Law Enforcement Association provides the most experienced attorneys and the most extensive legal coverage.  The law office of Michael Napier has represented police officers since 1975.


To sign-up to become a member of GLEA, please download and fill out the below forms.  You can turn these forms into your president, Justin Harris, or email him at

GLEA Membership Form

GLEA Payroll Deduction Authorization

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