Glendale Law Enforcement Association is a well-respected outlet to supply the most accurate and concrete information to the media EVERY DAY.  All board members have been media trained by experts in the field and recognize a melded overall program designed to build and enhance relationships with various publics works!

GLEA has mastered two elements that capture the essence of good issue management — early identification of issues with potential impact on the organization and strategic response designed to mitigate or capitalize on their consequences.  GLEA public affairs’ is a public relations function that builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with governmental and local communities.

With support from the Arizona Police Association, GLEA recognizes lobbying is an even more focused part of public affairs. APA and GLEA continue to influence legislative and regulatory decisions in government.

GLEA continues public relations development with private and nonprofit organizations that in turn builds and maintains relationships with supporters and members.

Perception is everything –and GLEA effectively communicates how officers would want to be perceived by residents and opinion leaders. GLEA works diligently to protect the privacy and respect of our members, while representing them and the association with PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY AND PRIDE.

Our voices received national coverage on issues including immigration and discipline policies. While many people read the GLEA’s views in major newspapers, GLEA Directors and leadership were often heard discussing issues important to our members on local and national radio and television shows.